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No experience is necessary to be a presenter. In fact, this conference is a great one for first-time presenters because it is less formal and PowerCampus users generally like to help each other. Click here to submit an idea for a presentation.

Approved Presentations

Making the Most of the Ellucian Support Center
Sharon Burman, Ellucian
This session will provide a demo of the Ellucian Support Center and will include tips on how to effectively navigate and search the system. Topics will include:
– How to use customer self-help and knowledge repository
– How to search for specific CRs, Doc, Articles etc.
– How to work effectively with the Action Line

Ellucian Portal
by David Palmer from New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts
An interactive discussion about the setup and use of Portal.

PowerCampus Users Group – It’s our community
by Adrian Smith from PCUG
The PowerCampus Users Group assists the community by providing guidance to Ellucian, fostering relationships, and by providing support, education and information to the PCUG members. In this session, I will introduce you to the organization and why each user it important to the success of the PowerCampus community. Specific focus will be given to the future of eLive, regional conferences and PCUG Discuss events.

PowerCampus Integration Workflow
by José Castillo from Ellucian
A walk through of data flow between PowerCampus and third party applications. You will understand the technical side and gain knowledge that will help you troubleshoot and get the most out of this functionality.

Adult Learners and online registration
by Noreen Smith from MCNY
History of the online registration implementation process will be outlined with a before and after comparison. Focus will be given to adult learners’ adaptation to online registration.

PowerCampus Update and Roadmap (Opening Session)
by Carol Dandary (PowerCampus Product Owner) from Ellucian
An update of what’s happening in PowerCampus today, with a look at the roadmap for the rest of 2015 and 2016.

PowerCampus and eTranscripts
by Carol Dandary from Ellucian
PowerCampus can now manage electronic transcripts through the National Student Clearinghouse, Parchment and Credentials/Scrip-Safe. If you are interested in automating your transcript process, the new electronic transcript workflow will interest you.

MyEDocs: a Self-Service customization
By Chad Strunk from Dunwoody College of Technology
Dunwoody needed means to get information and acceptance of policies from students digitally. Therefore, we added a customization to Self-Service called MyEDocs. This is a presentation and demonstration-by-PowerPoint of our MyEDocs customization in Self-Service.

PowerFAIDS Custom Data
by Valerie Mockus from Apple Pi Consulting, limited
Chances are you use Custom Data fields every day and have even created some. Have you wondered: Is there more to these little gems than meets the eye? What are all the types about? Does what I write in the description matter? Can I use the field but not display the value for other users to change? What’s big deal about PIT Rules? If so, come learn all you can do with Custom Data to really get the most out of PowerFAIDS.

Panel on PowerCampus and PowerFAIDS Integration
by Valerie Mockus from Apple Pi Consulting, limited and Andrea Damar/Adrian Smith from MCNY
Are you interested in hearing how another school has configured integration to bring information from PowerCampus into PowerFAIDS? Do you feel like there must be a better way but haven’t figured it out quite yet? Do you have ideas you’d like to share? If so, attend this panel session to hear from and share with others.

PowerCampus Health Check from a Customer’s Viewpoint
by Chad Strunk from Dunwoody College of Technology
In 2014, Dunwoody College of Technology initiated a refit process of PowerCampus starting with a Health Check provided by Ellucian. This presentation describes our experience with the Health Check and the subsequent outcomes both in PowerCampus and the organization as a result of the Health Check.

Vista Views 101: A spoon full of sugar helps the data come out
by Anthony Williams from MCNY
Get a basic understanding of vista views, discuss the types of information within some of the tables accessible to the end user, and learn how to join to those specific tables to build reports in an effective and efficient manner. PowerCampus version 8.5.2 will be used where Vista Views has been redesigned for SQL 2008 compatibility.

PowerCampus & E-Learning
by Victor Kioulaphides from MCNY
With the universal proliferation of e-learning, a crucial component within the overall functionality of a school’s Student Information System has become its integration with a corresponding Learning Management System. This presentation will focus on the various challenges and successful solutions that MCNY has come across in its effective integration of PowerCampus and Moodle.

Upgrade Conundrum
by Adrian Smith from MCNY
There is a delicate balance that must be struck between implementing the latest version, patch or hotfix and simply living with the current defects.

Understanding PowerCampus through the Admissions Process and how it affects other departments
by Steebo Varghese from MCNY
This presentation will review PowerCampus data processing (inquiry to student) from the Admissions perspective. Implications on other offices and their respective impact on Admissions will be discussed.

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