Conference Hosting

If you are interested in hosting a PCUG Regional Meeting, here are some things to consider:

PCUG can help

PCUG is willing to provide financial assistance to schools based on the following sliding scale:

$500: up to 49 attendees
$750: 50-74 attendees
$1000: 75-99 attendees
$1250: 100+ attendees

*Attendees are individuals, and non-vendors, from PowerCampus schools other than the physical host school.

In exchange for the stipend PCUG will host the conference web presence, copies of presentation slides to post, and receive an attendee list. PCUG can provide $500 up to 4 months prior to the event and the balance when a final attendee list is received.

Is your school accessible?

Your school should be easy to get to and fairly close to airports, train stations, or major highways.

Do you have accommodations nearby?

If you don’t have hotel-like facilities on campus, you should have a hotel or two nearby. It is also recommended that you work with the hotel(s) to reserve blocks of rooms for meeting attendees in advance.

Do you have appropriate facilities?

We suggest having at least 3 large meeting spaces that can hold 20+ people. The rooms should have A/V setups able to handle most common types of presentations. The rooms should have internet access for presenters, and participants.

Food and drink should be near the meeting spaces available for breaks. Lunch should also be provided, but does not have to reside near the meeting spaces.

Do you have campus support?

You should be able to appropriately advertise the event on your school site. The event page needs:

  • event details
  • directions to campus
  • campus maps
  • registration form
  • conference schedule

You should also be able to provide technical support for presenters for the A/V and computer equipment.

You will need to provide lunch in an adequate eating space.

Providing a registration area, along with registration packets (name tags, agenda, attendee list, session descriptions, evaluations, etc) is suggested.

We also suggest having a space for vendors to set up tables/displays, in case vendors are allowed to participate.

Highlight something unique to your school or area.

Think about incorporating a specialty of your school or area into an theme or evening entertainment event for attendees.

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