PCUG Discuss: 9.0.1 – the first 30 days

Ellucian released PowerCampus 9.0.1 at the end of August. In September, North Central Missouri College and Metropolitan College of New York upgraded to 9.0.1. Both colleges will be available for PCUG Discuss: 9.0.1 – the first 30 days on Wednesday, October 23 at 2pm Eastern. Please join the conversation and start your planning now for the upgrade to PowerCampus 9.0.1.

When: Wednesday, October 23 at 2pm Eastern

Cost: Free

Meeting Recording: PCUG Discuss: 9.0.1 – the first 30 days

PCUG Discuss – PowerCampus Self-Service 9.0.0

Now that PowerCampus 9.0.0 with the redesigned Self-Service is available for download, you may want to interact with your PowerCampus Users Group peers. Please join us for PCUG Discuss: PowerCampus 9.0.0 on Wednesday, July 10th, at 2 pm Eastern for an open conversation. Possible topics: reasons for early adoption, implementation timeline, how to embrace the newest features, first impressions, potential roadblocks, and more. Chat, interact, discuss, prepare. See you at 2 pm on July 10th.

When: July 10th at 2 pm Eastern Time

Recording: Online Recording

PCUG Seeks Communications Officer

The PowerCampus Users Group seeks interested applicants to fill a vacancy within the executive officer team. Primary functions include sending out email communications, Ellucian Community posts, and maintaining the group’s website PowerCampusUsersGroup.org based on WordPress. Executive officers work together to facilitate community building activities through a monthly, online planning meeting. Interested parties or nominations of others should occur through our Contact Form.

PCUG Announces Security Initiative

The PowerCampus Users Group is excited to announce the PCUG Security Initiative. In announcing this initiative, we desire to strengthen the community by focusing our collective attention on security. Those who locate and report security-related defects may be eligible to receive compensation for their work. Scholarship donations are also available for those that would prefer or are unable to accept payment.

For additional details, please visit PCUG Security Initiative.