PCUG Discuss – PowerFaids Integration

The PowerCampus Users Group will be hosting this months PCUG Discuss online gathering on September 26 at 2pm Eastern Time.  Join our presenter Chad Strunk from Dunwoody College of Technology to discuss the PowerFaids Integration with PowerCampus.

When: September 26 at 2pm Eastern Time

Recording: https://meetings.webex.com/collabs/url/s4xxxSNnFoJOMceluD7ZLHB7Znwu7Rp0VWJr0giL7Ga00000

PowerPoint Slides: PCUG Discuss-PowerFAIDS Integration

PCUG Discuss – Database Maintenance and PowerCampus Statements

The PowerCampus Users Group will be hosting our next PCUG Discuss online gathering on March 7 at 2pm Eastern Time. Join our presenters Josh Kinstler and LaShonda Thomas on Database maintenance and PowerCampus statements.

Our PCUG Discuss this month will be about database maintenance setups and a few issues a lot of us are dealing with in PowerCampus.  This will include discussions database backup plans, monitoring tools and Leveraging Always On High Availability groups.  We will then go into running PowerCampus billing statements and discuss some issues users are having with this process.  This PCUG Discuss with include some great discussion geared towards both technical and functional users.

When: March 7, 2018 at 2-3pm EST

Cost: Free

Recording:  https://meetings.webex.com/collabs/url/cRTK8MGKKkHWTGdQ7bVgwMGg6ZFgp8pPGtvTXZUdDS000000