PCUG Discuss – Database Maintenance and PowerCampus Statements

The PowerCampus Users Group will be hosting our next PCUG Discuss online gathering on March 7 at 2pm Eastern Time. Join our presenters Josh Kinstler and LaShonda Thomas on Database maintenance and PowerCampus statements.

Our PCUG Discuss this month will be about database maintenance setups and a few issues a lot of us are dealing with in PowerCampus.  This will include discussions database backup plans, monitoring tools and Leveraging Always On High Availability groups.  We will then go into running PowerCampus billing statements and discuss some issues users are having with this process.  This PCUG Discuss with include some great discussion geared towards both technical and functional users.

When: March 7, 2018 at 2-3pm EST

Cost: Free

Recording:  https://meetings.webex.com/collabs/url/cRTK8MGKKkHWTGdQ7bVgwMGg6ZFgp8pPGtvTXZUdDS000000


PCUG Discuss – Scheduled Actions

The PowerCampus Users Group will be hosting our next PCUG Discuss online gathering on January 24 at 2pm Eastern Time. Join our presenter Victoria Hoskovec from College of Saint Mary for a discussion on Scheduled Action in PowerCampus.

When: January 24, 2018 at 2-3pm EST   This meeting was cancelled and will be rescheduled at a later date.

Cost: Free

Register and add this event to your calendar: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/pcug-discuss-scheduled-actions-tickets-42290334529

Webex Meeting Link: https://meetings.webex.com/collabs/#/meetings/detail?uuid=M5UHJ1V762XLFSLY00CZ1P0DNZ-5ZXL&rnd=8305.1041664

PCUG Board Nominations & Elections

It’s that time of year again!

The PowerCampus User’s Group is looking for qualified individuals to fill the roles of Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

The responsibilities of the Vice-President are:

  • Serves for one year and then ascends to the office of President for one year.
  • Perform the duties of the President in the event of the President’s disability or absence from meetings.
  • Contact new Ellucian clients on behalf of the PCUG with contact information provided by Ellucian.
  • Complete other assignments as designated by the President.

The responsibilities of the Secretary are:

  • Record and distribute minutes of all PCUG membership and Executive Board meetings.
  • Receive nominations at the annual PCUG conference, obtain consent of nominees and prepare ballots.
  • Perform other duties necessary and incidental to the office of Secretary.

The responsibilities of the Treasurer are:

  • Collect annual dues and other monies as required.
  • Keep an account of all monies received and expended.
  • Make disbursements as authorized by the President.
  • Prepare an annual report of the transactions and fiscal condition of the PCUG
  • Deliver to the successive Treasurer or to the President all books, monies, and other property at the expiration of the term of office.
  • Perform other duties necessary and incidental to the office of Treasurer.

If you are interested in any of these vacancies, please click the link below and submit the following:

  • The position you’re are running for
  • Your full name
  • Your affiliated institution and position
  • Your number of years working with PowerCampus

I would like to run!


If you’d like to nominate someone, please click the below link and submit the following:

  • The position you are nominating the person for
  • The individuals full name
  • Their affiliated institution and position
  • Their number of years working with PowerCampus

I would like to nominate someone!


If you work at a PCUG member institution, you are eligible for nomination and to vote! The time commitment is a minimum of 2 hours a month and could be as much as 3-5 hours in some months.

Nominations are open now until February 28th, 2018 with voting to be held in April.

2018 E-live Scholarships

Scholarships for Ellucian Live 2018, April 8-11, 2018 in San Diego, CA

The PowerCampus Users Group is pleased to again announce scholarships which will cover the Ellucian Live 2018 conference registration cost for up to three attendees, each from a different institution. We are hoping that this will assist PowerCampus users to participate who have institutional budget restrictions that place Ellucian Live out of reach.

This year, we have devised specific roles for each scholarship recipient. These roles are as follows:

·         PowerCampus Visibility Coordinator- Assist PowerCampus attendees to be more visible to each other and the larger Ellucian community.

·         PowerCampus Feedback Coordinator- Assist the PowerCampus community in gathering feedback through online or paper surveys. Assist during the annual user group lunch meeting (Wednesday, April 11).

·         PowerCampus Attendee Connection- Reach out to first-time Powercampus E-Live attendees using various methods and encourage community interaction. Assist in planning meet-ups during the conference.

In order to apply for one of these scholarships, please tell us for which scholarship role you would like to apply and how you would use that role to contribute to our PowerCampus users community.  You may apply for one role or all of the roles listed. Please include an assurance that your institution would be able to cover your transportation, hotel, food costs, etc.  Each scholarship will only cover the actual conference registration fee expense.

Winners will be chosen by the Powercampus Users Group Board. Please submit your entries to Laurie Strothman (lstrothm@ringling.edu). Deadline for submission is December 1, 2017. Winners will be notified as quickly as possible in order to allow registration prior to December 15.