Ellucian Live 2017 Proposals for Sessions

We need you! Proposals from clients for sessions at Ellucian Live 2017 need to be submitted in order for us to have a rewarding event worth attending. Have a new idea? Work-around? Jump in and fill out the Ellucian Live proposal form today!!

Need more reasons? Here you go!

Top 10 reasons to submit a proposal for Ellucian Live 2017:

10.  You thought it might be interesting to fill out the proposal form on the Ellucian Live website.

9.  You would like the proposal numbers to be high enough so that you won’t receive more reminders to submit a proposal.

8.  Orlando is warm in March. No ice guaranteed. Flowers blooming and green grass all around.

7.  You know that the audiences for our sessions are friendly Powercampus folks who are really and truly interested in what you have to share, not mean-spirited critics.

6.  You are either a Powercampus old-timer or a new-comer, and you have discovered a better way to accomplish something in the system that you can share with other users.

5.  You can find other users who might be interested in doing a panel session with you.

4.  You really do want to go to Orlando and see Mickey next March.

3.  Presenters get a discount which will help convince the budget folks to send you to E-Live.

2.  You understand that discussions on e-communities are great, but discussions with Powercampus colleagues are even better in person. Your discussion topics could be a great start for a proposal.

1.  You know that you really can make a difference by sharing your insights and knowledge with your colleagues during our conference which is truly a client-driven event!


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