PowerCampus Customer Advisory Board is accepting applications

Ellucian is now accepting applications for three vacancies they have on the PowerCampus Customer Advisory Board (CAB).

The PowerCampus CAB was created to obtain customer feedback and to keep lines of communication open between Ellucian and the client base. The Advisory Board assists with the priorities of the backlog and is a sounding board for strategic direction.

The Board meets quarterly by video conference and the meetings are normally one hour in length. Ad hoc meetings may be called as needed. The initial term is two years, although many members have had longer terms to maintain continuity during board cycles.

Members of the Advisory Board will select the new candidates and notifications will be sent out no later than September 4, 2015. When selecting candidates, the aim is to maintain representation from across our client base from a geographical perspective as well as an institutional demographic perspective—large/small, two year/four year, traditional/non-traditional, for profit/not for profit. This ensures a balance that is comparable to the client base. The Board is encouraging representation from some of the under-represented areas including the Southeast, Central, and Northwest regions, public/state schools, and customers with over 2,000 FTE students.

The first meeting following the selection of new members will be October 14, 2015.

We hope you’ll consider becoming a member of the PowerCampus CAB, and help us shape the future for the product. We’re very excited to have the opportunity to work closely with you and gain insight into your needs and how Ellucian can help you succeed. The deadline for applications is August 14, 2015.

If you have additional questions about the PowerCampus Advisory Board, please don’t hesitate to contact me at carol.dandary@ellucian.com.

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