Welcome to the new home of the PowerCampus Users Group

Welcome to the the PowerCampus Users Group, or PCUG for short!

Use this site to keep up to date with the latest news and information that is important to PowerCampus users.


Email. If you don’t want to add to your list of websites to check, sign up for our email newsletter. We will NOT spam you all the time. We will only send out useful tidbits and quick surveys.

LinkedIn. Use our LinkedIn Group to network with other users.

Facebook. Like our Facebook page to share fun or interesting things with your colleagues.

Get to Know

The Site. Our website menu on the left has useful pages to help you get to know…

The Group. Our About page lists the Bylaws of the Users Group so you know what we strive to do.

The Officers. Who is the elected group leadership and what are they doing?

The Schools. See who else is using PowerCampus.

The Applications. Check out the developer applications to see if there is something that could help you perform better. And see what administrative applications other schools have selected to get the job done.

Get Involved

Help us help you. Send us news, voice your concerns, and give us your feedback, all via our contact page.

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