What is the PowerCampus Users Group?

PCUG is a membership-based organization of users of the PowerCampus student information system, led by the volunteer PCUG Officers.

What are the benefits of joining?

Free Events. PCUG organizes and offers FREE PCUG Discuss events. These events offer the opportunity for PowerCampus customers to present, watch, or discuss issues directly related to their work with PowerCampus and other software applications. These events are also a way to share ideas, stories, and lessons involving a wide range of topics.
Conference Support. PCUG offers financial support to schools hosting Regional Conferences. Regional conferences are an inexpensive alternative to attending national conferences. They may also involve less travel and lower hotel costs.
Networking. Most of our dedicated officers and members have been using PowerCampus for many years. There are lots of opportunities to network, and for schools to share their expertise with others using the same software products.
A voice. PCUG worked to have a voice on Ellucian’s PowerCampus Product Advisory Board, and they listened. If you have any ideas or concerns about the product, contact us.

How do I join?

Contact us and we will send you an invoice for your school to pay. If you need help justifying this cost with your school, we can help with that too.

How much does it cost?

$150 per school annually. We bill based on a July through June timeframe.

PCUG Bylaws

The name of the organization shall be the PowerCampus Users Group, Inc. (PCUG).

The purpose of the PCUG shall be to:

  1. Advocate for the efficient use of the PowerCampus software and any integrated systems, for the improvement of the system(s) and for the benefit of the PCUG members;
  2. Foster and improve relationships and lines of communication among PCUG members and
  3. Provide support, education and information to the PCUG members.


  1. Qualifications
    1. Membership in the PCUG is open to all institutions that are presently using or implementing PowerCampus, upon payment of membership dues.
    2. Membership is to be renewed annually, and includes all users from an institution.
    3. Institutions which are presently using the PowerCampus software but have not paid their annual dues may participate in PCUG activities but shall have none of the rights or privileges of paid members as listed in Article III, Section 2.
    4. Representative:  A representative is an employee of a member institution.
  2. Rights and Privileges
    1. Member representatives may nominate and elect Executive Officers, hold office, and serve on committees.
    2. Member institutions are eligible to receive financial support toward hosting regional conferences.
  3. Annual Dues
    1. The cost of annual dues for each member institution shall be set by the Executive Officers.
    2. The membership year shall run from July 1 through June 30.

Membership Meetings

  1. Number of Meetings
    1. There shall be a minimum of one membership meeting per year held in a manner determined by the Executive Officers.
    2. Other business may, if the need arises, be conducted by the Executive Officers.
  2. Quorum
    1. A simple majority of PCUG member institution representatives at membership meetings shall constitute a quorum.
    2. A majority of membership votes cast shall be required to carry an issue.
  3. All PCUG representatives present at a membership meeting shall have, by majority vote, the power to:
    1. Elect Executive Officers.
    2. Adopt the rules and agenda governing membership meetings.
    3. Amend the Bylaws in accordance with Article VII.
    4. Refer any matter(s) to the Executive Officers, including recommendations for action, and may request the Officers to report on such matters at an agree time.

Executive Officers

  1. The Executive Officers of the PCUG shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Communications Officer and Program Committee Representative.
  2. Terms of Office
    1. The Vice President shall serve one year as Vice President and the following year as President.
      1. Voting for Vice President will be held annually.
    2. The Secretary, Treasurer, Communication Officer, and Program Committee Representative shall serve a term of two years, for as many terms as elected.
      1. Voting for Secretary and Treasurer will be held in even years.
      2. Voting for Communications Officer and Program Committee Representative will be held in odd years.
  3. Filling Vacancies
    1. Office of President
      1. The Vice President will assume the office, and the procedure in Article V, Section 3.b, will be followed to fill the Vice President position.
    2. Office of Vice President
      1. The vacancy will be filled by the decision of the remaining PCUG Officers.
        1. If decided on by the remaining Officers, the current President may remain as President for an additional year.
    3. Program Committee Representative, Office of Secretary, Treasurer and Communications Officers.
      1. The vacancy will be filled by the decision of the remaining PCUG Officers
      2. The replacement Officer will serve until the next election at the annual PCUG conference, at which time the PCUG member representatives will elect an official replacement for the remainder of the term.
  4. Duties of the Executive Officers
    1. President
      1. Preside over membership meetings and Executive Board meetings.
      2. Solicit agenda items and prepare the agenda for all membership and Executive Board meetings.
      3. Appoint such standing or special committees as may be required to carry out the purposes of the PCUG.
      4. Perform other duties necessary and incidental to the office of President.
    2. Vice President
      1. Perform the duties of the President in the event of the President’s disability or absence from meetings.
      2. Contact PowerCampus users on behalf of the PCUG.
      3. Complete other assignments as designated by the President.
    3.  Secretary
      1. Record and distribute minutes of all PCUG membership and Executive Board meetings.
      2. Receive nominations at the annual PCUG conference, obtain consent of nominees and prepare ballots.
      3. Perform other duties necessary and incidental to the office of Secretary.
    4.  Treasurer
      1. Collect annual dues and other monies as required.
      2. Keep an account of all monies received and expended.
      3. Make disbursements as authorized by the Executive Board.
      4. Prepare an annual report of the transactions and fiscal condition of the PCUG
      5. Deliver to the successive Treasurer or to the President all books, monies, and other property at the expiration of the term of office.
      6. Perform other duties necessary and incidental to the office of Treasurer.
    5. Communications Officer
      1. Manage the PCUG web page
      2. Assist with web-based applications, surveys, etc.
      3. Promote electronic communication.
    6. Program Committee Representative
      1. Fulfill all obligations in conjunction with annual conference hosted by Ellucian.
      2. Administer the PCUG annual conference scholarship process.
  5. Compensation of the Executive Officers
    1. Executive officers may not receive compensation from PCUG for their service to the organization.

Nominations & Elections

  1. Nominations
    1. Member representatives shall nominate candidates for Executive Office.
    2. Member representatives shall nominate at least one candidate for each office.
    3. The President will announce to all members of PCUG the intent to seek nominations.
    4. Nominations may be submitted to any Executive Officer.
    5. No name shall be placed before the members for voting without the consent of the nominee.
  1. Elections
    1. Elections shall be conducted yearly.
    2. All Executive Officers will be elected by a simple majority vote.
    3. The ballots will be counted by the President and verified by the Vice President.
    4. The President will announce the results.
    5. All newly elected Officers will assume office after announcement of the results.

The Bylaws of PCUG may be amended, repealed, or altered in whole or in part by representative vote at a membership meeting. Amendments to the Bylaws require a simple majority vote of the PCUG members. The Executive Officers may amend the Bylaws by simple majority vote. Formal ratification of the amendments by Executive Officers shall be held at the next membership meeting.

Parliamentary Authority
The rules contained in the latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the organization when they are applicable and when they are not inconsistent with the Bylaws or any special rules which the PCUG may adopt.


  1. Distribution of information to member representatives may be accomplished by normal mail delivery, by electronic mail, and/or other means as appropriate.
  2. Updates to the membership directory will be available through the PCUG web site.
  3. Stock of the PCUG may not be sold or transferred.


Ratified April 7, 2019